Power cables, aluminum conductor, PVC insulation – 0.6/1KV


Ký hiệu: AV…mm2 – 0,6/1KV, AV…mm2 – 0,6/1KV (cs), VA…mm2 – 0,6/1KV



  • Used in power transmission and distribution systems, rated voltage 0.6/1KV, fixed wiring.

2Applied standard

  • AS/NZS 1125:2001; AS/NZS 5000.1:2005; TCVN 5935-1 / IEC 60502-1; TCVN 6612 / IEC 60228 or equivalent standard.

3Identification of cores

  • By color of insulation: red, yellow, blue, black.
  • Or by customer’s requirement.


  • (1) Conductor: by one of the following types:
    (1.1) By aluminum wires, concentrically stranded or compacted circular.
    (1.2) By solid aluminum wire.
    (2) Insulation: PVC.


5Technical characteristics

  • Rated voltage U0/U: 6/1 KV.
  • Test voltage: 3,5 kV (5 minutes).
  • Maximum conductor temperature for normal operation is 70°C.
  • Maximum conductor temperature for short-circuit (5s maximum duration) is:
    • 140°C with nominal area larger than 300mm2.
      160°C with nominal area up to and include 300mm2.